This was my first ever invitation and attempt to produce a projection artwork. Indeed, it wasn’t until I had forwarded my artwork that the question was posed as to whether I could animate it. This work was a pre-existing illustration I was able to provide. It features eels swimming in a waterway, towards a woven eel trap. The artwork was designed as a personal experiment, based on an earlier artwork that featured (and still features) at Melbourne Museum, as part of the touch table activity, in the First Peoples’ gallery.

Photo by Mathew Lynn.

At June 2022 when I forwarded this work for the Winter Lights Festival, I had never really animated anything before, even though I’ve associated and created a number of illustrations in partnership with the amazing animator, Isobel Knowles. So, I thought “sure”, let’s see what we can do. I created what was I felt a serviceable animation, but one that I knew could be improved upon considerably, given a bit of time to get to grips with various programs I might potentially animate in. So, a fortunate invitation, as this one led onto my creating a much more sophisticated animation for Richmond Town Hall over Christmas 2022.