Man of Steel

by John posted February 10, 2016 category Art / Design, Culture, Illustration, Koorie, Painting


Perforated steel! Here’s a sneak peek at a recently completed commission, produced for the good folks at the Donkey Wheel House, near Southern Cross train station, here in Melbourne. The work is created in perforated steel and is a step in a new direction in my artistic practice. I’ll write more about the piece when it’s officially unveiled, but it’s a project I’ve enjoyed working on, both for the challenge, and for the easy working relationship with a fantastically supportive client.

Beyond my move into producing public artworks, I’ve also recently stepped into¬†higher duties at my regular job. This has been an enjoyable change, but it certainly comes with more responsibilities, with the result being less interest in working on weekends, when I’m most likely to produce my art. We’ll see how that plays out over the coming months.

I recently exhibited for the second year running as part of the Victorian Koorie Art Show, held at the Koorie Heritage Trust at Federation Square. I’ve two pieces in the exhibition, which will be drawing to a close soon. One is an oil painting of my Dad along with my youngest son, which I’ve previously posted on this site as a work in progress. The other piece is a bark painting, completed in ochre. Working in ochre is quite a cathartic experience, and it is an art style that I intend to develop further, taking it away from the traditional Koorie forms I’ve previously done, to a style that incorporates more of my long held interests in pop culture and underground art, being a reflection of a part of myself that hasn’t found its way into my art for quite some time.

The project that I most excited about isn’t one that I can share for the moment. Big plans, big public artwork, and merchandising to pull it all together. Watch this space.

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