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Jarahyn Patten, born on January 26, 2013.

Besides being known for a number of other things, January 26 this year represents the 75th Anniversary of the first Aboriginal “Day of Mourning” which was held on this day in 1938 at Australia Hall, in Sydney. The Day of Mourning was held to mark the sesquicentennial of Australia’s first people’s dispossession and continued dehumanization.

The organisers of the rally were Jack Patten, William Cooper and William Ferguson, whom were the most prominent human rights campaigners of their day, in Australia. Jack Patten, president of the Aborigines Progressive Association is also Jarahyn’s great grandfather.

So, no longer a day of mourning. the day was already one to celebrate for the achievements of an ancestor, but now it is also a time to celebrate the birth of my son.

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