A return

by John posted May 19, 2012 category Writing

It’s been quite a while since my last post, and for that there are numerous reasons. Chief among those are the responsibilities and opportunities provided by my work, the daily duties and joys of family, and myriad other hobbies and interests. Not to mention that my previous ‘Pattenproject’ blog was hosted on a server which seemed to be constantly under attack from script kiddies and other small-time, nuisance, hacker types. Thankfully I’ve left that company’s services behind and am now hosting my various projects elsewhere.

So, despite this blog going by the name of the last iteration of the Pattenproject, this will not be a site dedicated to genealogy (for that, another site being developed). Instead, what you will find here are my random musings and a chronicle of all that interests me.

Expect to find entries discussing my work, Koorie culture, wood carving, illustration, photography, film-making, writing, pop culture, collectables, curios and basically anything else that might come to mind. Cheers!

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