Input | Output

by John

posted February 26, 2016

category Art / Design, Culture, Illustration

Today I was excited to see a public artwork I was commissioned to create installed at the Donkey Wheel House. The DWH is a heritage listed building here in Melbourne, situated in the CBD on Bourke Street, just across from Southern Cross train station. Because of the site’s heritage listing, any work produced was required […]

Man of Steel

by John

posted February 10, 2016

category Art / Design, Culture, Illustration, Koorie, Painting

Perforated steel! Here’s a sneak peek at a recently completed commission, produced for the good folks at the Donkey Wheel House, near Southern Cross train station, here in Melbourne. The work is created in perforated steel and is a step in a new direction in my artistic practice. I’ll write more about the piece when […]

Pictures In This Set

Racism, Identity and my Childhood

by John

posted August 16, 2015

category Culture, Family, History, Koorie, Politics

Whilst this site was originally intended as a site to catalogue my artistic and cultural output, recently I’ve let slip my leanings and have begun to write entries of a more political nature. This is simply a matter of needing to vent, regardless of the fact that I may be the only person reading this. […]

Press Clippings, Aug 2015

by John

posted August 6, 2015

category Art / Design, Painting

Some recent publicity relating to my shortlisting in the 2015 Victorian Indigenous Art Awards. Articles were published in the two local newspapers – the Sunbury Leader, and the Sunbury & Macedon Ranges Star Weekly.  

Australian Racism and Sport

by John

posted July 31, 2015

category Koorie, Politics, Sport

Unless it’s of little consequence I don’t like to comment on a topic until I’ve had time to digest and appreciate its complexity, and to look at a majority, if not all contributing factors and points of view. Otherwise, my view will have little intrinsic value. I’d only be adding to an already deafening chorus […]

No pain, no gain

by John

posted June 27, 2015

category Art / Design, Koorie, Painting, Uncategorized

I’m currently pretty happy. I’ve been announced on the shortlist for the Victorian Indigenous Art Awards, at my first attempt at participating in any sort of art competition, despite practicing my art in one form or another for over 30 years. It was about time that I put myself out there, in a capacity other than […]

Criminal leadership in W.A

by John

posted May 9, 2015

category Politics, Uncategorized

Like usual it’s been a fair while since my last update. I’ve been flat out with an array of projects and obligations – exhibitions, working on country, teaching, painting, sculpting, and a bunch of other projects, spreading myself thin, and slowing the rate at which each project is completed, whilst also ensuring I’ve less chance […]

Art distractions

by John

posted November 6, 2014

category Art / Design, Culture, Family, History, Koorie, Painting, Politics, Work

It’s been a long time since my last update, but not for a lack of things to write about. The fact is that I just haven’t had the time to sit down and take stock of what I’ve been up to this year since my road trip with my son Tiriki in April. When I […]

Far and Wide

by John

posted April 30, 2014

category Art / Design, Culture, Koorie, Travel, Wood Carving, Work

I live in an amazing land and recently my son Tiriki (age 4) and I were fortunate enough to have an opportunity to explore some more of it. On Friday 18 April, Tiriki and I set out from the outskirts of Melbourne where we live for “a big adventure”. A great opportunity for my first […]


by John

posted March 1, 2014

category Art / Design, Painting, Traditional Arts, Wood Carving

  Per usual it’s been a while since my last update and I’ve been flat out like a lizard drinking (I do like that saying, but I have never checked the validity of such an observation). Tomorrow (March 2) I’ll be attending the launch of my first ever fine art exhibition, which will be a […]

Off to a Flyer

by John

posted December 5, 2013

category Travel, Uncategorized, Work

It’s great to be home! Well, I’ve been home for quite a while now actually. We’re into early December and I’m still coming down from a high after having flown to the United States for a work conference in October, for study and some sight-seeing as well. Not only did I find the trip to […]

Mr. Patten Goes to Washington

by John

posted September 30, 2013

category Art / Design, Theatre, Travel

It’s been a hell of a time of late. Fresh from having run my first festival the Bunjilaka Ngargee, for the opening of the First Peoples permanent exhibition at Melbourne Museum, I’m preparing for my first overseas trip. On Thursday October 3 I’ll be heading off to the U.S to speak at the IMTAL Global […]